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Venue: YIR H.Q. Bucharest, Romania (Europe)

Due to War , security crisis and alarming covid pandemic in china , TechnoMinds-2023 will be held online.

Call for Papers:

TechnoMinds-2023 is a world conference invites research papers in the field of Engineering, Technology and Computer Science. The conference welcome Academicians, Professors, Scientists, Research Scholars, Students across world. This is a three days virtual conference, will be held from Bucharest, Romania (Europe), the Research Station of Yadam Institute of Research.


 All Selected Papers will be published in the Book Chapter with ISBN.


 Submit your abstract in abstract form.



Abstract Submission Last Date: 30th May, 2023

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Book Publication with ISBN

Thematic Area

  1. Electronic Engineering----20 Seats
  2. Electrical Engineering----20 Seats
  3. Mechanical----------------20 Seats
  4. Automobile-----------------5  Seats
  5. Telecommunication-------20 Seats
  6. Civil Engineering----------20 Seats
  7. Robotics-------------------10 Seats
  8. Nanotechnology-----------5 Seats
  9. Metallurgy----------------10 Seats
  10. Plastic Engineering--------5 Seats
  11. Space Technology---------5 Seats
  12. Computer Science--------30 Seats
  13. Information Technology--30 Seats
  14. Digital Media--------------5 Seats
  15. Defense and Technology-10 Seats
  • First Slot Selection: 30 January, 2023
  • Second Slot Selection: 30 March, 2023
  • Third Slot Selection: 30 May, 2023

Note: Seats May fill in First Slot selection so Apply as early as possible

TechnoMinds-2023 Award for Best Paper & Best Presentation
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